Customer Stories

Each locket tells a unique and meaningful story intimate to both the wearer and the giver. Lockets offer us a window to our past, present, and future and symbolizes what it means to love, to remember, and to mourn. While two can have the same locket, it's the stories that makes it truly personal.

Aarani M.

Similar to many brides' experiences, my wedding day felt crazy and fast-paced. After my bridesmaids helped me into my gown and shoes, I was ready to get on with the next thing on the schedule, but my bridesmaids stopped me in my track and told me to sit down. When they said they had gotten a gift for me, of course, I was surprised and happy, but what came next was so unexpected. The best way for me to describe the experience is to let you know that I did not cry on my wedding day, except when I received...