Reese M.

After most of my guests left my rehearsal dinner to prepare for the next day, my bridesmaids gathered in the guest room and gave me a box to open.  I had already felt so much love that day, I knew any gift would make my heart explode, but I just wasn't prepared for what I saw - a locket with my two childhood dogs, Rosie & Cookie.

In 2009, my firstborn puppy, a salt and pepper miniature schnauzer, Rosie, had passed and I fell into a deep depression for weeks. I always said that she was a sweet angel with the longest eyelashes that loved people and apples. Whenever we'd start cutting an apple in the kitchen, no matter what part of the house she was at, she'd run up next to us and beg with her big round eyes.  We almost always gave in. I made sure to bring cut-up apples so she could peacefully pass away. When I think of her now, I imagine her plopped next to a shady apple tree, smiling. 

The day before Steph's (co-founder of Sincerely Capri) wedding, my precious rat terrier, Cookie, passed away quietly at my parents' home. He was a grumpy old man, and always growled at my dad even though he took care of him the most.  The vet mentioned whether there was a dark-haired girl in the family because he only softened up to one person during his stay at the vet.  He had always had a sweet spot for me.  The week leading up to Steph's wedding, Cookie fell ill.  Rather than watch him suffer at the vet alone, we wanted to have him pass away at home comfortably.  As painful as it was, I couldn't let Steph know because I didn't want anything to ruin her day.  I got the call he had passed on the way back from the venue to the rehearsal dinner.  My heart broke but I knew he was in a better place.  He would rather have me celebrate his life than dwell on his passing. This was the only way that I could show up to the rehearsal dinner and celebrate Steph and Kevin, my best friends, and I am so happy I was there.

Although after opening my gift, my tears were initially from the sadness of their absence, they quickly became tears of joy, knowing that they would walk with me down the aisle on my wedding day. I cherish looking at my locket which not only reminds me of my two forever puppies but also my wedding day - the best day of my life. 



Co-Founder of Sincerely Capri