Nichole D.

I had my 7 best friends and sisters with me as I prepared to get married. These girls have been through everything with me, my sisters being my rock all my life and my best girlfriends from junior high and high school growing up with me

When I sat all of them down to give them gifts to show them how much they mean to me, I was not ready for them to give me a gift. As I opened my gift, I saw a locket with a photo of my family and me. I started to tear up immediately because it was a photo taken in Saigon, where we spent our last few days before we emigrated to the United States. 

My family and I emigrated in 1993, so I still remember my early childhood years in Vietnam. This meant so much to me because it was a reminder of where I came from and of what my parents sacrificed to raise me. 

I love the round locket as it is a symbol of eternal love to me. It was such a precious gift that lasts beyond a generation. I'm so thankful that my bridesmaids gave me this reminder to take with me into my marriage.