Hello! We are Steph & Reese!

Over 15 years ago, we met at a small high school in Orange County, CA and have been the closest of friends ever since.  While we parted ways to explore our possibilities in college, our friendship always remained a constant reminder of home. 

For as long as we can remember, we have always been big on the idea of getting a thoughtful and meaning gift for those you care about most.  Whether it’s a birthday or just because, we always tried to find that perfect gift.  When we became each other’s maid of honor, this hit another level.

What’s the perfect gift to get for your best friends’ wedding?!

One of the biggest days of their lives?  Sure – all the wedding websites gave you suggestions, but it all seemed a bit gimmicky and less than.  It wasn’t until we each found the locket - and the history it comes with - did a gift just feel right.

While there were certainly lockets in the market, they all tended to be cheaply made and the designs just seemed out of date.  We just weren’t able to find a jewelry company that focused on modernizing the locket for today’s women.

We launched Sincerely Capri to celebrate life's most meaningful milestones.

Modern and versatile, our lockets were designed to capture the biggest life moments yet easy to wear to complement your every day.  We’ve taken our time and put our heart and soul into our lockets.  We know what it meant to us and what it could mean to you.